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Fusion Design and Production is an advanced and well-equipped handbag manufacturer. Our production line locates in Dongguan Guangdong Province of Mainland China where there is a convenient and easy-to-reach transportation network. Our products are exported mainly to Japan, Korea, America and Europe.

High Quality and Timely Delivery
The employees we hired are very experienced. Their experience guarantees high quality production as well as long-lasting and highly effective operations. Our average monthly production capacity reaches 50,000 pieces.

Highly Competitive Prices
As our production line is located in Mainland China, we are supported by a large amount of material suppliers. Cost of our production can therefore be lowered, resulting in highly competitive prices.

Unique Design
Our handbag designers are rich in experience. They can provide unique handbag designs according to the special requirements of clients as well as the development of their markets.

Product Features
We possess a large variety of handbags, including handbags for leisure occasions, work, dinner parties, etc. Our handmade beading and embroidery productions are especially outstanding.

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