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Professional Services
Web + Graphic Design
Web + Graphic Design

See what we have done; See what we can do.

We define ourselves as a special design company that provides high quality and outstanding design at an acceptable price. By seeing what we have done, you will know what (and how well) we can do.

The web site of a company or an organization greatly affects its image. Many companies and organizations are planning to re-design their web sites so that their visitors will have a better browsing experience in their web sites. Since a well-designed web site lasts much longer than a simple one, a proper amount of investment for web construction, therefore, is worth spending. (see what we have done here)

Let us know YOUR Budget!!

We create web pages out of different budgets. Please do not hesitate to let us know your budget, we will let you know what the best we can do for you with the budget you have. Please contact us at 2529 8040 within office hours. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Domain Registration & Web Hosting

Here you are -- an all-in-one service! Domain registration and web hosting have now become EASY -- Simply give us a call and we'll do it all -- for you.

Get your own ".com" and your email in less than an hour.

Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing

G&B can always give a hand when you need someone to help -- we are experienced in designing name cards, pamphlets and notes. (see what we have done here)


  • windows applications;
  • web-site applications;
  • database applications;
  • server-side and client-side applications;
  • apps.

Let us know what you need. We will let you know what the best we can do for you.

Flash & Gif Animation / Web Banners

Flash and Gif animations have been widely used in different tasks including banner ads, greeting cards, games and web site intro.

You may, as well, want to give your visitors a better impression of yourself or your company. Evidence shows that wisely-used animations are very effective in fulfilling such requirements.

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